When Life Hurts, Part 3

In my numerous challenges over a lifetime, I have observed a pattern. It’s a pattern that could help others in crisis if they were also inclined. The key to taking advantage of this pattern is staying aware and anticipating a change of events or perspective.

Crises have a way of hijacking our emotions, exposing our vulnerabilities and devastating our self-image. This is probably heightened by the raising of our level of adrenaline. Adrenaline is responsible for putting us in “Fight or flight” mode, but it can also help sharpen our awareness.

Crises effectively shake up our perceptions, which open the door for new possibilities. If we use the adrenaline for being aware of those new viewpoints, priorities, actions, input, options or realities, or if it helps us see our blind spots, we get insights. Insights and vision are the proverbial silver linings flickering on the dark cloud’s edge.

My life challenges have helped me observe this pattern- and when I remember in the midst of the crisis that there is a great opportunity flickering on the fringes, I stay alert; I know there is hope. Yes, there is even guaranteed improvement on the horizon.

Storms, crises and upheavals are part of life and our Creator gave us the adrenaline and brainpower to take advantage of it. It may not be the time to make more than temporary decisions, but it is an excellent time to grow in awareness, gratitude and empowerment.

When Life Hurts, Part Four

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