What’s the Difference?

When I talk to many Bible-based believers, they find my concept of life forever here on earth unlike anything they hear at church. And I like to point out that according to the book of Genesis, God’s original plan did not include death. Nor did it include pain or disease.

Recall the story. The Garden of Eden was perfect and perpetual…until “someone” went against God’s instructions not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Then, everything changed. Suddenly, disease, pain in childbirth, aging, and other imbalances came on the scene.

Fast forward to the Twenty-First Century.

Today, do we understand pain or disease as a judgment from God? What do we understand? That they are treatable by a doctor, a home remedy or an over-the-counter product. We do not insult God or God’s design by treating disease or pain. Indeed, we say that those that treat disease or pain have a God-given gift.

What makes death different from disease and pain? Why would death not be treated similarly? We can all see by this simple comparison that death is not a judgment from God any more than pain or disease. Referring back to the first two chapters of Genesis, we see that God’s plan for humans, made in God’s image, is for life, not death.

Perhaps, dear believers, God would be happy to see us overcome death with God’s help, like we have worked with others to overcome pain, disease, prejudice, poverty, starvation, ignorance and injustice. These problems are not God created. They are created by us. And I believe that they are opportunities to work on God’s behalf.

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