What’s new?

“What’s new,” my neighbor asked? I could have mentioned the new blog post, the new coffee product I received or the recent disturbance in the neighborhood. Those are new. But I replied, “What an interesting question. Isn’t everything new?” “Yes, he agreed. We never step into the same river twice.”

If everything is new, and I believe it is, that newness could be met with several responses: love, interest, excitement, anticipation, fear, anxiety, anger…

The perspective of newness is more accessible to young people, especially children. For them, each day, hour or minute could be made of possibility. I like emulating children in ways that help me look forward to life, another day, another opportunity, another possibility… That’s a delicious way to experience life, like it has never been fully known before.

I am new, just by talking to my neighbor, writing this blog, reinforcing my love of newness. What’s new with you?

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