What’s first? What’s next? HMM

If you want to get your life in order, wonder no more. The order is started with wondering “HMM.”

HMM is my acronym that stands for Health, Mental Clarity and Motivation. It’s these three general categories that must get attention if we desire to life fully each day.

Health is obviously vital to a good life, but if mental clarity and motivation are missing, there is little chance that life will add up to much.

If one has mental clarity but no health, they’re in for real challenges to maintain that clarity. And without health, our motivation quickly evaporates.

Perhaps you tried something like this before and it didn’t work. Why not? Perhaps because you didn’t observe what your established priorities were.  Practically, we can only have one priority. “No man can serve two masters.” If it isn’t our health and mental focus, it is something less. What is your operating first priority? We may not want to look at it because it is comfortable, useful, or safe. Or maybe we don’t want to look at it because it’s ugly.

Mine functioning first priority has been getting things done. I see this from observing my behavior patterns. I spent a lot of mental focus on making lists to be sure things got done. I examined various options to see that what needed to be done was done efficiently and merged with other, related activities. I examined trip routes to make sure I went the most efficient way and then optimized it by aggressive driving. Getting things off the “to do” list was a priority.

Why I spent so much energy on this is probably due to being told as a child that I was “slower than molasses in January,” and that “You only have a one track mind.” So, I have spent decades trying to disprove that. And that was also probably my motivation for trying to learn to juggle and multitask. But if I get a lot of things done and my health gets ignored, what good did that priority do? And how many of those things accomplished were truly purposeful? My main intent was to say I’d done it. And that is just plain ignorant.

What are your priorities? What do you spend most of your energy on? What do you worry most about? How do you manage your life tasks?

HMM can get to the meat of life, feeling energized every day. Better days, better nights. Better loving. Better awareness. More rewards. It all goes better when first things are put first. No more wondering. No more hmm. It’s HMM. Now I see it.

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