Want to stay young?

I love the idea of staying young. And I am taking steps, just like a a child learning the new skills of running and jumping, to do that. To stay young.

Recent reads for me include: Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the BrainMindsight, the New Science of Personal Transformation and The Brain that Changes Itself: Personal Triumphs from the Frontiers of Brain Science. I am learning a lot about learning, how the brain understands the world around it and the choices we can make to improve our experience of learning.  And like a youngster, I am seeing my world like it is new.

As it turns out, many people, including centenarians with generations of practical experience, think that learning is the key to staying young. Below is a link to a quick read on the subject. It is not just good information, it is heartening to read of 80 year-olds and up, in their own words, reflecting about staying engaged and learning new things.

This document Life Long Learning Is Key to Staying Young at Heart is a product of the Duncaster Retirement Community in Bloomfield, CT

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