Waiting for Death

Too much TV time (more than two hours per day) has been linked to higher risk of death.

Other recent studies show that sitting in general (computer, office, lounging) is less healthy than standing or moving about. But this latest study specifically links TV time to heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Dr. Frank B. Hu of Harvard School of Public Health and Anders Grontved of the University of Southern Denmark in Odense also found that added TV viewing increased the risk of mortality from all causes.

I see most TV viewing as counter to living fully now. I have not watched much TV since reading Jerry Mander’s book “Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television” in the 80’s. Jerry was a successful ad executive and knows the medium well. His experience with TV forced him to conclude that the medium cannot be redeemed, even with news and educational programming.

Lest you think this study was about overweight Americans, the report asserts that “The findings also seemed to be independent of the weight of the individuals studied.” See the report on ABC.
Time spent sitting and mortality comparison

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