Too Spiritual

A friend asked me this morning how my father’s death has changed my religious and spiritual beliefs. One thing is that I realized that my spiritual practice was too spiritual. It is good to balance the physical with the spiritual, but religion and spirituality can be too focused on the spiritual.

Perhaps you know people that are too spiritual to be any earthly good. I don’t think I was that ignorant of earth, materiality or being physical. But by contrast, I think I had not integrated the physical and spiritual as much as I am now doing.

Imagine being so charged up by your spiritual vision that it makes your body sing, move, smile and reach out. That is what I feel now. Instead of my spirit dragging around a body that is aging, hurting or limiting, my body is charged with spiritual energy. This is improved body/ spirit integration.

In your case, you may be too physically focused, relishing the physical above all else or limiting your time on earth to your bodily senses. Or you may be too spiritually focused, believing the body is too profane or focusing on your spiritual growth while leaving the body to fend for itself. These are not integrated behaviors.

As humans, we are a special creation. We have both body and spirit. They are not separate. (Notice how the body cannot continue when the spirit leaves the body.) As this special creation, it would improve all of our lives to have more balance. Balance between body and spirit as well as mind.

Then for the ultimate joy, we can create a heaven here on earth, joining our integrated selves with the community of other bodily enhanced souls. Our sharing of the physical experience, mental energies and spiritual processes will then be our moment to moment reason to live forever.

That is how my religious views have changed.

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