To Be or Not To Be

What allows people to accept death instead of a life that lasts for 1000 years and beyond? Is there some kind of barrier that stops people from considering living a long life that contributes over and over to the wisdom and advancement of our kind? Yes, many people believe that dying is about “going home” or “going to a better place.” Feelings of failure also collect over time and burden us to the point of self-loathing. I also believe, as I observed many years ago, that our soul accepts death after it has seen many…or been shocked by one too many. It gives up the will and belief to go on.

There is yet another barrier to wanting to live a long life. It’s a mental predisposition. And like all predispositions, it rejects all evidence to the contrary. It’s the predisposition of youth, naiveté, and mostly, immaturity. Immaturity believes its way is best and the only way. Immaturity loves the excitement of ever-new stimulations. It easily accepts and often applauds being rid of the old. Its delusion is that by getting rid of the old and by accumulating the new, it will gain power. (An immature mind also just skipped over most of this paragraph, completely disinterested in its own true reflection.)

A mature and wise mind is different. It is open to new concepts it hasn’t considered before, unthreatened by the”new” and equally dis-inclined to equate “new” with “better.” The wise mind sees the shallowness of the immature mind yet it allows it to develop as it needs. It ponders the act of being alive, seeking understanding and gratitude over so-called solutions that create new sets of problems. The wise is not sure about the necessity of death, as there is very little evidence that it has made us better. She knows that whatever problems arise because more people are living longer can be solved by the new challenge. The wise mind knows that the answer is contained within the experience of the problem. There is no reason to fear any problem. Not death. Not life forever now.

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