Your Time is Ripe

It is interesting how historic photographs show places that were, at the time, common, but today are more precious for the contrast. Buildings that were seen every day and used for every conceivable human activity, say, one hundred years ago, are now replaced with a new cityscape.

We can’t hardly imagine it, but the roads we drive on today, the buildings we shop and go to work in, as well as the purposes of those buildings will, one day, be no more. We can scarcely recognize our present activities as significant, worthy of a photograph or the setting of a story. But the truth is, our time is ripe. What we have is an achievement. It deserves our focused attention, like a camera or a full recording of the events.

For me, living fully includes giving full attention to what matters and choosing what matters. But what most of us don’t realize is that now matters. Now is ripe with opportunities to change everything and to be a part of everything meaningful.

History classes tell stories starring groups of men and women that knew the time was ripe. These accounts tell how, out of their inner core, people created great plays and music, worked together to oppose dictators and oppressive regimes, explored outer space and inner consciousness. They met in public places and private to live into issues that would turn events forever. In 1776, our founding fathers told King George that they were done with his whims and lack of respect. In recent times, people living out of their assurance that the time was ripe rallied for women’s rights, civil rights, against aggressive corporations and fundamentalist governments. These movements all sound significant, much more significant than who we are and what we know.

Yet, there are many reasons to believe that our times are ripe for significant meaning and change. We can see it in the now worldwide protest to “Occupy Wall Street,” the overthrow of Momar Kadafi’s Libyan government, the demonstrations that recently rocked Egypt, the financial markets crises… But it shouldn’t take these headlines for us to realize that the moment is ripe-full of opportunities to be present, to experience life outside our usual narrow limits and to be driven by purposes that resonate with eternity.

Why are we not occupied with the pregnancy of our moments? What delusions of fear are keeping us from living as if each moment matters? Are we so completely paid off with promises, comforts and cheap goods that we are content to let our only moments slip away into oblivion without regret? Are we so overburdened with stimulation that we forget what matters? Are we such co-dependents with the way things are that we have excused every offense? Are we so comfortable with forgetting the moments of everyday experience that life finally hands us dementia?

The time is ripe. Let’s live life now. Let’s use COLA to be present, grow in gratitude and understanding. We are no longer children waiting to become something. You are ripe. I am ripe. Our time is ripe. Life is ripe. That is why we are here in this present moment.

I’d love to know where you are connecting that is meaningful and significant. Feel free to comment below, email me, or connect on twitter (@lifeforevernow). Connecting is the first step. That’s when we snap the picture for history.


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