This is your brain on fire

Recent health studies are of interest to more than health experts: they are important for those of us that want to forever maintain our mental clarity.
Chronic inflammation may be the leading cause of brain damage, say scientists. It causes damage to the brain’s blood vessels and may cause strokes. Of note: a diet high in Omega-6 fats triggers an inflammatory reaction when they are metabolized. The good news is that we can lower our consumption of Omega-6 and easily increase Omega-3’s. Read the article for more details.
Smoking is now linked with brain deterioration. We have long known how smoking affects the lungs, but this confirms my suspicions that smoking changes our behavior and mental wiring. I hope you like the article.
Mental decline is common with kidney deterioration, says a new study across three US universities. Faltering kidney functions can be slowed with diet and other lifestyle changes. Read more here.
The future is a choice we make today. Mental deterioration is something we choose now, before our present clarity slips away. Then, making a commitment to mental health is easy and rewarding.

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