Love, Understanding and Gratitude Energies are easily understood. Everyone I talk to about them agrees that our lives would be better if we focused on those all the time. 100% agreement. So I say to myself, “Great. We all agree on love, understanding and gratitude. But is it me or do we all fall short of acting on these?”

I can’t speak for others, but I can speak for myself. The reason we fall short is “ego.” It’s a short word, but it talks a thousand languages and gushes and spreads wide over the Earth.

Ego starts out innocently enough; it is our normal method of coping and connecting with those whom we depend upon to live. But ego has a dark side. It is also a self-enforced self-destruct mechanism.

Ego hides its self-destructiveness in many ways with cover-ups such as: praise of life’s good things, getting rid of ignorance (primarily through education of various sorts), service to others, care and compassion of others, love and worship. Society also encourages such activities because ego’s self-destruction doesn’t stop with one’s self.

But, just as meditators can still struggle with ego outside the meditation hour and church members suffer from selfishness after church services, these above activities do not eliminate the self-destroying aspects of ego. Because our ego is still in place. In order to be rid of our defaulting self-hate, we must get rid of our ego. And it can be considerably reduced or eliminated in our lifetime.

Here is how we get rid of ego and really live life fully. I call it giving ego the SLIP.

S. See ego objectively for what it is. (I can’t speak for yours, but mine is a falsifier, a destroyer, a thief, a control freak, an asshole at times, a fearful hatemonger, a two-faced shape-shifter, a saboteur, as well as a charmer, a manipulator and an escape artist.)

L. Let go of ego, having seen what it is. Or at least, be willing to let it go. This is a mental decision and commitment to getting rid of ego as much as possible. Renounce its games, illusions, wanton destructiveness and BS. (Ego is tricky, here, such as making this renouncement an act of ego, instead of using awareness to let go of it.)

I. Intensive practice of selfless activities such as service, compassion, meditation/ mindsight, gratitude, generosity, love, education and selfless awareness.

P. Personal/ Private training from someone who has learned how to be ego-less. This would be someone who can tell you what your ego is doing but you can’t see on your own. This person instructs with compassion, not for elevation to status as teacher, guru,  priest or any form or superior. And until this person comes into your life, Pray for their arrival.

Giving ego the SLIP is easy to remember. Four steps we can repeat to ourselves. Just practice it with self-love and see how many of your (ego-created) troubles slip away as well.

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