The Purpose of Grief

I recently read that “the purpose of grief is to help you reach the point in your life when you can remember without the pain.”

How do you understand the purpose of grief?

I think grief has another purpose.

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2 Responses to The Purpose of Grief

  1. Aaron B says:

    Very difficult to answer as there are so many angles you could approach it from whether it is philosophical, psychological, spiritual or biological. A lot of people never really move away from their grief they just come to terms with the pain and live with it. In this sense I feel grief is just a consequence of our ability to form strong emotional bonds. I’m sure if at the start of our lives we were aware at how much loss can hurt we wouldn’t touch love in the manner that we do. Like how me learn not to touch fire, yet we’ll always fall for its warmth.

    In summary I don’t believe there is purpose to grief its just another label for pain. But the beauty about seeking meaning in things is you can shape your life into however you want to perceive it . Meaning is tangible.

  2. Marla C says:

    I agree with Aaron B that there may be no intrinsic purpose to grief, but I do believe finding meaning and purpose is essential to healing grief. When we suffer great loss, we may lose the very sense of life purpose that we need to go on. This is why so many have thoughts of wanting to die when they are in the midst of severe grief. Over time, a glimmer of hope may reappear but is only when we are able to reinvest our energy in the future – in relationships or projects that are meaningful to us – that we can be said to have healed the wound of grief.

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