The Purpose of Gratitude

In the midst of loss, the thought of it having any purpose is beyond comprehension. Yet the holidays can be particularly difficult times if memories of loved ones steal your holiday peace, joy or sense of belonging.
On the other hand, maybe you have moved beyond this hopelessness and you want to hear that all of life, including partings, have a purpose. Because, if partings have a purpose, then you can leave the past behind and find more joy in your future prospects.
I’d like to share from a blog post that touched me about the purpose of gratitude. Tabitha Jayne is no stranger to grief. She helps people work through it. And an attitude of gratitude is one of her most powerful tools.
In this post, she points out that gratitude is a state of being, not just a helpful practice. It transforms us because it leads us to love; and love leads to action, which leads to change, which creates transformation.
You can read more on her blog site:
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