The Meaning of Life

A writer friend asked me about LifeForeverNow and was quizzical about its premise. “My mother thinks that we should get rid of death, too. But I think death is just part of life. You know, birth, growth and then death.” We talked more with me taking mental notes for a blog post. I listened to more of this writer’s story and finally realized that she doesn’t yet know the meaning of life.

Yes, strangely enough, I think I do know the meaning of life. It came to me a few weeks after my father’s passing. I don’t know when you might discover the meaning, but I hope that my upcoming book will move you toward that discovery. I was surprised that the meaning of life is so simple to grasp. It excited me that with this awareness, all of my previous assumptions and false notions slipped into the background. And to date, whenever life’s trials get me stressed, cause me to question my life and tempt me to give up hope, all I have to do is remember this simple purpose and I again am free of stress and full of energy for life.

I feel quite sure that the meaning of life is full commitment to life. (That’s all there is to it. Simple, isn’t it?) The meaning of life is never found in acceptance of whatever life hands our way, including dishonor, disease, death or disability. Put another way, and perhaps more simply, we can never discover the meaning of life without committing to it.

And I have no intentions of hiding this, the meaning of life, deep in the bowels of the book to encourage people to read it. The meaning of life is going to be in the title. The Meaning of Life is Commitment to it.

The Meaning of Life is Commitment to it is slated to have thirteen chapters. Each chapter is one of the essences of life, a part of life that must be operating for life to be worth living. Like love, health, breath and hospitable environments. We must commit to each or we lose our will to be alive.

I don’t blame my friend for not knowing the meaning of life. Our culture has made the meaning of life obscure. You have probably heard many jokes about the unfulfilled but wealthy American that sells all his possessions, takes on a long trek to the Himalayas to find the meditating master who has the secret, the meaning of life. In one version of this story, this man gets to the guru and poses the question. The grizzled old meditator states that the meaning of life is “Asparagus.” The traveler is shocked. “You mean I gave away all my worldly possessions, abandoned my securities and personal safety to hear you say that the meaning of life is asparagus?” The old teacher shakes his head and asks the traveler, “You mean, it isn’t?

So our culture has made the meaning of life into a big mystery. The fact that the meaning of life is simple is great news. The fact that most people aren’t aware of the meaning of life makes this a great opportunity for you. If you could help people like my writer friend to discover the meaning of life (really discover it, not like the post-wealthy American described above), together we could change the world. And it’s easy. Send people this blog by email. Tweet it and facebook it. StumbleUpon it, Reddit or Digg it. Subscribe to the feeds or subscribe to it on Amazon Kindle and encourage others to subscribe.

You can also contribute to the book and blog with your comments. Leave feedback. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on your commitment to life. Let’s get the word out to people like my friend that don’t know the meaning of life. Yes, by opening people’s awareness to the meaning of life, we will create a world where people are committed to life, growth and improving life. That has real meaning.

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