The Meaning of Life Is …

What is the meaning of life? Does it have meaning? If life had meaning, why would it be so difficult to find and understand? Doesn’t death, injustice and unbalanced social structures obliterate any meaning we might have been able to discover?

Recently I was introducing my book The Twelve Commitments to Life to my friend John. He wanted to understand what I meant. To him, “life has no meaning. It just is.” Perhaps he was saying that there is nobody named “Life” who tells us what the meaning is. But he was arguing his point using words that have meaning. “This is all we have,” he went on. “We’re just supposed to do our best and enjoy life.”

I quickly pointed out that he was using words that had meaning… and that doing his best gave him meaning… and that enjoyment gave value and meaning to his life. “John, what I am saying in the book is about engaging with life. We won’t know any enjoyment or be able to do our best if we don’t fully engage. That engagement gives us meaning.”

The Twelve Commitments to Life is not this author trying to tell his readers what the real meaning of life is. But I am excited to share with you a simple truth about finding your meaning. I tell you what I discovered about the meaning of life on the first page. It’s simple, profound and repeatable.

If you think it will be a difficult philosophical read, you’d be wrong. Neither is it religious or New Age. It’s closer to a practical philosophy, something I show you, in a few pages per chapter, how to get working in your life THIS week.

I kept in mind that you have a lot of things on your plate, and unlike John, you may not have even fifteen minutes to argue philosophy. So the book is short and the style is conversational. And if you only have fifteen minutes in the next month, you can read the chapter summaries I provided in less time than that.

This material took a year to write as I went through very challenging financial, personal and physical challenges. Each lesson came to me at the right time. And now that the twelve essences of life have been identified, your path will be much easier.

Amazon has a page dedicated to my books, where we can discuss your ideas about the meaning of life, you can access my blog feed and more.  I hope to see you there.

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