The Election Is Over. Not

I, for one, am glad to see the presidential campaigning over for at least a couple of years. Because now we can vote on what matters.
In my view, we vote every day, not just on election day. We vote every day by what we purchase, how we raise (and support) our children and how much we act in behalf of our future. This is where the rubber meets the pavement. This is not voting rights or electoral college mathematics. It is the future we are creating each moment.

I am also done with the prophets who insist that whoever sits in the White House determines the direction this country will take. They want us to think (and maybe they think so, too) that a democratically elected government is how things get done. A popularly elected government is actually one of the worst places to get things done. The kind of governments that get things done are dictatorships. Yet, a country run by democratic principles can get things done IF “the governed” are consistently choosing their future via their daily actions.

Democracies often get hung up on legislation and enforcement. We also get hung up in our daily lives: when we are inconsistent with our children; we confuse them about what is relevant and what matters. If we change our parenting decisions regularly, our children will react unreliably.

Just so, when we choose to purchase erratically or always buy the latest improved mass produced products or commit to buying first from local vendors, the economy develops in that direction.

When we react negatively to our circumstances, instead of responding based on what we know to be true- that our basic nature is to be loving, understanding and with gratitude- our future becomes more reactive.

Let’s take this quieting of the political rhetoric to reflect on how moment by moment we make our own futures and how we set up our children’s futures. Let’s mind the vote for what works on a daily basis.

We do not need to be limited to a role of being “the governed.” We can be the president of the future by voting (choosing) what works and what matters consistently each day. Vote for life. Vote for commitment. Vote for who you really are.

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