Sleeping to Death

No, sleeping does not cause death…at least, from no studies I have heard of… But taking sleeping pills (according to a recent study involving over 10,000 patients) causes an astounding four-fold likelihood of death, even when taking only eighteen of them per year.

Here’s some of Dr. Mercola’s information:

Most would not knowingly put their life on the line, but you may be doing just that if you take sleeping pills.

Research involving data from more than 10,500 people who received drugs for poor sleep (hypnotics) showed that “as predicted, patients prescribed any hypnotic had substantially elevated hazards of dying compared to those prescribed no hypnotics” and the association held true even when patients with poor health were taken into account — and even if the patients took fewer than 18 pills in a year.

The study suggested that those who take such medications are not only at higher risk for certain cancers, but are nearly four times more likely to die than people who don’t take them.

Sleeping pills linked to these risks included benzodiazepines (such as temazepam), non-benzodiazepines (such as Ambien, Lunesta, and Sonata), barbiturates, and sedative antihistamines.

Thank heaven I have never had trouble sleeping! If you do, you might try reading Dr. Mercola’s Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep.

More information from Dr. Daniel F. Kripke, The Dark Side of Sleeping Pills.

Pass this information along. Perhaps someone you know is taking prescription pills to sleep due to the death of a loved one. You may save their life. Copy this shortlink.


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