Living fully in the present is a big order. I get that. It requires commitment as mentioned in the last post, “When Life Hurts.” Things constantly get in the way of living fully and there is no remedy besides commitment to it.

I have noticed that a huge barrier to living fully now is our extremely elaborate web of reliance on services, professionals and intricate machinery. Just have a plumbing emergency and you get what I am talking about. Or a medical problem, or a legal issue. A simple engine warning light can send one into a panic. This takes us far from the ideal of being able to resolve things on our own as we live into the way it unfolds. The plumber may forget his tools, the doctor may be too busy with other emergencies, the lawyer may be away on vacation… and there you are. If you were self-reliant, not dependent on so many other people, services, regulations and machinery, it would never get this difficult.

Self-reliance is a big topic. I don’t have the space here to discuss all the ins and outs. (Self-reliance can be overdone, too.) But I do know of a great and newly published book that I heartily recommend. “The Entrepreneur That Could” (sold at seems to be about being and becoming an entrepreneur. But the book has a larger vision than that and it includes a section on self-reliance. Of course, self-reliance is not only a business asset. It is a life asset.

Here are a couple of links. You can read part of the book and visit the web site for free as well as purchase it at various locations.

We can’t wait for others to make us self-reliant. This one is in our court.

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