Reunion, the Ecstasy and Agony

Reunions of long divided family members is the stuff of legend. So reunion is exactly what we desire for our departed ones…a great reunion on the other side. Even so, we long for a reunion for ourselves when we pass to the next life.

Ever since I was a child, I had dreams of reunions and wondered at their power. They are simultaneously ecstasy in the present and the agony of separation remembered.

I recently was reading a blog (Love Life with EO) that had a link to a YouTube video of elephants being reunited. Produced by PBS, it is as heartrending as it is glorious.

Watch the video below for Part One where we meet Shirley, a crippled and retired 52 year-old Asian elephant. She hasn’t seen another elephant for over 20 years.

Part Two follows with the introductions of Jenny and Tarra.

The tremendous power of reunions is more than human and it tells me there is a deeper essence underneath. My theory is that reunions are a preview of the ultimate reunion. You may think I refer to the meeting of family after death. But no, I call the ultimate reunion the ecstasy and agony of re-uniting with our true, unmasked Self. It’s that moment when, devoid of our attachments and fears, we come face to face with who we really are…and finally know our own love.

We do not need to wait for death for this reunion to happen. We only need to let go of all self-deception and play with and accept who we are. We are Love in action. We are the act of Understanding (reuniting with what we intuitively have known). And we are Gratitude expressed. Don’t let the elephants have all the fun!

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