Resolution 2014 Post Script

post script I realize that in my last post, I used some self-deprecating comments like “I am only boringly normal.” But lest you think that I’m starting the new year on a depressive note, I am very grateful to be normal!

Firstly, I knew since I was young that my mental processes were slower than other kids. I was like my dad in that respect, a slow plodding thinker. I knew that I’d have to work harder than those with faster minds, so I made up my mind to work harder and longer. That way I’d be able to keep up with the normal ones.

I can see now that I did keep up in spite of my slower, more thorough pace. I may even be ever-so-slightly better than average. My health is very good. My skin looks several years younger than I am. My mind is sharp. (The A+ grades at school prove this.) I am not alone. (Better yet, I live with a wonderful, caring and somewhat indulgent, loving partner.)

Secondly, I stayed true to my values. Knowing I was slower, I still never tried to cover up for my pace with lies about my progress. Nor did I try to become someone that I am not in order to gain success. I am very much like the normal boy I was in grade school. But he was an even-tempered boy, creative and he liked to help.

Thirdly, my slowness got me into some accidents as a pedestrian/ bicyclist. I was hit by cars four times, with at least one concussion. As a result, I may be slower than I might be without the concussion, but I am not destroyed.

So I’m normal. Thank heaven!

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