Progress: Fact or Exception

“I’d like to feel that progress is a fact rather than the exception.”

Most of us want to move forward, out of the present realm of problems, regrets and imbalances and into a bright future with solid benefits. But we are often plagued by one disappointment after another. We try to move on, but it is drudgingly slow. We see progress as the exception, not the rule.

Of course, if we leave the progress to others, it won’t necessarily benefit us, so if we want to make progress a fact, we must take it in hand. There are a multitude of ways we can progress quite readily. We can always progress toward better health, a larger vocabulary, more awareness and more friends. These are easily done for almost everyone and they are always positive, opening up more opportunities to progress further.

One of my current reads, “Spark, The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain” explains that better health is not limited to new muscles; we can even grow new brain cells! This is contrary to science taught in schools only twenty years ago.

  • When we add to our vocabulary, we also grow new synapses and new associations to our entire catalog of life.
  • When we stop thinking and listen with all our senses, our choices increase.
  • And when we spend time with people we didn’t know before, our experience expands.

It’s all progress and its all good. None of these advancements need to cost a cent. And that’s a reason to grow in gratitude as well.

The quote above came to me in a dream. Perhaps it was your voice or thought that I picked up. If you identify with it and have any more thoughts, I’d love to connect and listen, progressing toward more awareness, health, experience and gratitude with you. Use the comments section below. Thank you and may your progress be immediate.

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