The Problem with Good People

Today, as I reflect on the good people of this world, I am saddened. Here’s an example: Some very nice folks that I got to know at a local farmers market offered me a free sample. It usually sells for two dollars and they might have even given it to me with real concern for my welfare. It was a lotion for my ailing and aging skin. I repeat, I believe they are good people, like many of the good people I grew up with in my childhood. I like them. But the lotion has parabens. Parabens are carcinogens! They probably don’t know this. Their attention is on all the benefits the manufacturer told them about instead of the fine print. So, in their desire to help me, they were encouraging me to use toxic substances that can open the doorway to cancer.

This is not really new.  Good people, ever since the dawn of the industrial age, have worked to advance employers that are involved in cover-ups, safety violations, gross pollution, money mismanagement, worker discrimination, et cetera, et cetera. Today, they come home and let their children watch violent TV shows that are either hyper-realistic or parade as mindless cartoons. They are good people, but they are not paying attention to the fine print. Meanwhile, politicians are regularly elected by good people that don’t have the time to really discover who these people are that want to be in office.

Good people often don’t suffer from a lack of trust; they trust too readily. They trust their leaders, their type of government, their national pastimes…even their watchdogs (like Pat Robertson, Rush Limbaugh, Rupert Murdock and Fox News). They also accept that dying is part of the natural landscape for themselves and their family members. They trust death as God’s plan or the natural cycle, even though they know that death is not their friend.

Some good people, however, by the death of someone special, have awakened. They cannot live another day just being good. They have to make sure that this enemy is beaten. They lobby their lawmakers, they fund disease research, they write a book and go around the country promoting it…whatever it takes. These are not just good people, they are survivors of the death/rebirth canal  and they are daily invigorated to stop their enemy.

Being a good person, like my friends at the farmers market giving free samples with carcinogenic ingredients, is often being partner with death. Instead, we must become new and take on a vision that sees the fine print that takes action. Death is not our friend and cannot be trusted. Death is the enemy. We must especially work to make sure that our family is safe from death and from the debilitating effects of aging. We must learn about our health so we can be there for them, instead of accepting that they will go on without us.

If we don’t know how to start, we can join those that are already in the fight for life. We can get the word out, attend their rallies, and promote their websites and Facebook pages. There is much to do. The ultimate enemy is killing millions of humans per day. Hear the cries of the families and stop being satisfied that you are a good person. Be a visionary, instead. Be an activist. Live fully! It is the ultimate good. Defy death. It is the ultimate enemy.

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