Princess Bride Guide to Never Giving Up

I speak a lot about commitment. There is no substitute to it if we are to discover the best life has to offer.

A recent post on Elephant Journal made me laugh and cry because it is an insightful look at commitment to true love, as told in the book and movie “The Princess Bride.”

Commitment to our ideals makes us see life differently, see beyond life’s challenges (like going through the “Fireswamp” or climbing the “Cliffs of Insanity”) and binds us to unlikely cohorts. Commitment might even require us to lose our old identity. But for true love, or any other ideal, the path is not only worth it, the path is our strength and partner.

If you are fond of love stories, see (or see again) “The Princess Bride” and reflect on the salient points. Author Eka Joti has gotten us started here. Thank you, Eka.

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