Prayer for 9/11

A couple of days ago I was trying to clear my laptop of excess files and was happy to find many memories of what really matters in life. It helped remind me of my life basics.

This is particularly appropriate for today, September 11. It is a post I made on a classmates website on September 12, 2001. It was an attempt to remind myself and my friends of what really matters.

“September 12, 2001

Today is a new day–a day when we can no longer take our personal and national security for granted. We feel so very vulnerable today. And when we feel vulnerable, we question deeply–even those things that we “know.”

The questioning is natural and good, but loses its greatest advantage and value when the things being pursued are answers that are

  • A. Easy,
  • B. Quickly reached and/or
  • C. Supportive of the kind of blindness associated with rage or
  • D. Supportive of the the greed and arrogance that led us to the discovery of our all too evident vulnerabilities.

When we feel vulnerable, we think we can focus our anger and confusion at the events and perpetrators of our hurt, but that is a delusion. Anger mixed with confusion creates a dangerous cocktail that ignites sparks of discontent in families, neighborhoods and businesses. The spirit of anger does not stop with the perpetrators.

Feeling vulnerable is human, yet not our greatest asset. It is a survival mechanism that kicks in, suited for an angrier and more confused era in human history. And when we begin to awake from that reactionary state, we can choose a better response, one that has no association with weaponry or retribution. The better response is spiritual–kindness, tolerance, service, awe and a hefty portion of experienced beauty. If we take this awe-full event of September 11th, 2001 as a call to spiritual values, it need not become a matter of greater loss, but an experience of higher consciousness.

Please join me in a prayer for all beings, of all sorts, in all dimensions of reality:

 May all beings be happy, content, fulfilled and never lonely.

May all beings be healed, whole and harmonious.

May all thrive in abundance & be renewed by constant change and diversity.

May all enjoy connectedness in response to their needs and desires.

May all be protected from harm and free of fear, safe in the arms of Love.

May all beings know inner peace & ease, aware this is a safe cosmos.

May all be awakened and liberated to be themselves.

May there be abundant, peaceful harmonies throughout this world.

And may this embrace echo ceaselessly across the Multi-verses.

Please send this prayer to others. Find a way to adapt it to make it your own. Embrace yourself and all others. Therein is peace.”


As you rummage through your memories, I hope you find treasures that remind you of who you are and what matters most. A life nurtured by these treasures is a life fully lived.




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