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I have been reading about brain fitness and very much needing to keep my brain in shape. There are too many indicators that my mind is slipping from its once exalted <g> state. Firstly, I am forgetting little things more. Yeah, I can still write a book, but noise distracts me too much and I have to keep a lot on my mind to create these things. So it is time for brain fitness!

I have been eyeing one of the top brain training programs available today. It is way over my budget… but can anyone put a price on his ability to mentally leap the requirements of life satisfaction and accomplishment? This program is highly respected and has been tested by major universities. I thought about blogging about my progress for hire, measure my progress and blog about it for trade. But, then, honest people may doubt my blog’s objectivity. Then, a miracle happened. I found it on eBay “Buy it now” for one third the price! My bank account had just the amount needed. Bingo.

Please visit the blog on Brain Fitness. I am on my third day now and I love this program! Follow along. You may find that it could help you maintain your edge. Remember, our ability to think clearly is even more important than our mobility! (Another reference to The Princess Bride movie.)

Here’s the page:  Brain Fitness

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