Personal Magnetism

Have you ever noticed how much personal magnetism you have? Yeah. You are magnetic. Whatever it is you collect, more comes to you in kind. For instance, if you are into computer technology, you probably have quite an extensive collection of monitors, wires, modems and printers as well as a supply of old software. Your personal style also tends to collect more of the same…as when people notice your style and buy you more of the same or you get sent magazines and offers related to your style. The collection validates who you are.

It’s also true about thoughts. The more positive thoughts we have, the more room we have for our positive thought collection. The more successes we have, the more successes collect at our feet. Some old, some new. Friends of like notions also tend to congregate (collect) by a similar magnetism. We have to work for some of the things that we collect, and other times, these things get drawn to us, but they collect nevertheless.

Like attracts like. The same is true with negatives and uncertainties. Uncertain minds collect more uncertain decisions and consequences. As for negatives, lots of them gather significantly more negatives than just a few negatives collect.

In my book The Twelve Commitments To Life, I show readers how to collect what is really valuable. Is not love valuable? Balance? Energy? Health? Our tribe? Rest? Of course they are. The twelve essences are so important that we will suffocate without them. They are what make it possible for us to survive, grow and thrive. And if we collect more of them, more life essences come to support our lives. Thus, life becomes easier, fuller and deeper.

You can start your collection now. All it takes is commitment to what is the best life offers. Read more at
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