Perfect Love Came First

When it first occurred to me how important to Life Love, Understanding and Gratitude are, I determined that those three energies were not just the place we are meant to go and to be, but that Love, Understanding and Gratitude were also where we came from. I still think that’s rose petals Image © Joao Estevao Andrade De Freitas

I think that we will make tremendous progress toward living in an enlightened society if we all know, or act as if, we belong first to Love, Understanding and Gratitude.

But here’s slightly different perspective that doesn’t require us to believe we came from a place where we are all perfected as Love, Understanding and Gratitude.

Let’s say that we all believed we came from the heart of Perfect Love. Let’s say that Perfect Love made us so that we could appreciate Perfect Love and grow in understanding of Love.

That’s not a stretch. Any major faith could agree to that. Just take the words “Perfect Love” and insert the name of the worshipped Deity.

I believe that if we were to believe that we came from such Love and made it our purpose to grow in understanding of it over our lifetime and simultaneously grow in gratitude/ appreciation of this life, and this love, one more thing would happen: we would all blossom into our own version of loveliness, as it were, covering the world with lilacs, bluebells, poppies, roses, carnations, orchids…

Let’s dream of this; it is our future if we will so claim it.

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