Passion or Mission

People often think of me as a passionate person. (You may have been able to pick up some of my passion from the way I write.) But counter to the current emphasis on finding your passion, I have not found it to be the “silver bullet” that makes life meaningful. Passion is not something I lack, yet I did not find meaning until I found my “mission.”

Passion has been defined as intensity, drive or emotion that is distinct from reason. It’s more an avid devotion than a good feeling. And it is good, in my opinion, to experience passion. But for me, passion is self-serving. “Following your passion” seems to be focused on making one extremely happy and self-fulfilled.

To me, mission is more meaningful than passion. And until I discovered my mission, passion and duty were the best I could do. Mission is always larger than self-fulfillment. It is an assigned task (from the Medieval Latin meaning) a person or group is sent to accomplish. The strong implication is that a mission is service to a greater cause. That is where I found meaning.

While passion is fun and may be fun for others to watch, meaning that comes from passion is limited to one’s own experience. I say this in case you might find yourself in the same place: passionate but not fulfilled. Perhaps you have not found your mission, that task you were sent to accomplish.

I know lots of us are just filling roles. This is not “mission” and adds little meaning to life. Others of us are feeling passionate about art, politics, religion or a particular sport. But I have to ask, “Might your mission be something so fulfilling as saving lives?”

“Life Extension” is saving lives. “Living Fully” is saving lives. “Life Forever Now” adds ultimate meaning to life because the purpose is not to live fully just for myself, but to open the door for others to living fully, growing in wisdom and engaging in what ultimately fulfills.

Are you on a mission? Feel free to share in the comment box or link below.

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