No Ending of the World May 21st

The ending of the world as we know it has been announced to happen May 21st, 2011, by a man most of us do not know, Harold Camping. But because he owns a number of radio stations, and because the board of Family Radio committed their financial resources to getting the word of this to as many as possible, the discussions of the world’s ending has hit major newspapers, talk shows and the Internet social media (Twitter #may21). Billboards have announced it and ads were taken out in major publications. If we only considered the amount of “play” this announcement will get, the timing is excellent.

But I have not prepared for this final ending. I have read the literature Camping produced and I am very familiar with the Bible… I have also heard all this before. The predictions came and went. I can only conclude that the predictions are staged to bring the “prophet” fame and control otherwise unobtainable. Indeed, according to a couple resources, Harold Camping has announced the end of the world before. This is only proof that even in a scientific age, people are capable of blind faith.

How about faith in something even more likely? The end of death. Yes, the Bible predicts this, too. In Revelation, the apostle John writes of seeing a new heaven and a new earth, where God wipes away every tear. There is no more sickness and no more death. The dead are resurrected and live again in new, everlasting bodies.

In the meantime, I intend to live fully in this body I have, in this place called Earth, where God inspires invention, beauty and community. It’s my heaven on earth and there is nowhere else I would rather be.

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