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Thank you for visiting Life Forever Now, the blog where I take on our most insidious enemy. It impedes our forward progress, devolves our families, traditions, communities… and, of course, obliterates our very selves.

That enemy is death, and it is covered up by unwillingness to face it, illusions, myths and deceit. Traditions and institutions also lend their considerable inability to move forward. And because we are usually unable to look death in the face, we become susceptible to the blindness, illusions, deceit and lack of progress.

My name is Rich Miller. For most of my life, I have been sheltered from death. Other than the passing of distant family members and a few disconnected friends, I have not had to face the painful experience of death close at hand. That changed when my eighty-five year old father passed away April 16th, 2011.

I watched helplessly as he moved from this sphere to somewhere else. I cared for him on twenty-four watch. I told him I loved him many times.

And even though I had that precious time with him, I was still angry.

A week after his passing, I decided what to do with that anger: find a way to stop the needless elimination of gathered wisdom, fostered connection and forward movement. My plan: write this blog, bring together specialists for death-defying and life-affirming live events, and raise the consciousness of those on the planet that can make the difference.

This is a blog and a dialogue. Feel free to add comments, send me email, tell your stories and help me make connections. Follow my tweets @lifeforevernow. Join the community on Facebook or send mail to Rich Miller, 1615 Peacock Blvd, Oceanside, CA 92056. More immediately, feel free to tweet me or email me: Send an email to Rich now. (I view email much more frequently than Twitter or Facebook.) Connect with

We are presently collecting first person accounts for a book that offers hope to the grief-stricken and walking wounded. The book will be titled “The Urgent Messenger” and will be filled with stories of those who took their grief and changed their life. Having gone through this crisis not unlike being born, they started again with new purpose. They founded a hospital or foundation, wrote a book, started or committed to a movement, etc. Contact us if you would like to submit your story of rebirth after death of a loved one.

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