Moving Forward Faster

Have you ever wanted to move forward more quickly? mindsight book I ask that because some people don’t want to move forward at all. They want to stay secure or move at a comfortable pace while the world goes by. You might even hear them say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But we have a compelling need to move forward because Life is taking us into what used to be “the future” in a way that seems faster and faster.

I think moving forward quickly can be rather scary, but I still want to remove the blocks that keep me resistant to moving at the speed of Life. I’ve been thinking about three such blocks because I have noticed them in myself and others and they come from a part of us that is immature and reactionary. Identifying them is the first step to removing them.

Motion blocker 1 is the feeling that because I just got turned down or got bad news that this means everything is at stake. Getting rejected in any form feels terrible, I know. But allowing the feeling of rejection to color the rest of our perception of Life and relationships is a surest way to sour them. But if we can observe ourselves coloring outside the lines, so to speak, we can start the clean up sooner.

Motion blocker 2 is the feeling (yes, another feeling) that what I don’t know will be forever difficult to learn or figure out. This is similar to writer’s block, eyeing a new skill or responsibility, test anxiety, et cetera. Here’s how life looks at it. “I hear you don’t know how to raise children. Ok. Here’s one (or two). You’ll get the hang of it.” Yes, it can sound that ridiculous, but that is how Life works. Later, you might look back, like my parents did, and wonder, “How did we ever do that?” So, don’t ever fear going forward without knowing all that will be required of you to know. Life trusts you, your parents, and even very poorly equipped parents. Trust yourself as much as Life does.

Motion blocker 3 is “thinking” that forward progress is highly unlikely given the players. This is where we look at our situation (or people in a situation we know about) and “decide” that it’s not going to get much better, if at all. This is a total lack of observation concerning how things change, improve or move forward. Life elements do not always move forward because we will it so, try hard to change it or even “let go and let God.”

Things do not require us to be willing to move forward because moving forward is not about human will. It is mostly about the unseen energies of Life. To understand how to move forward, we must drop expectations of our part, our understanding and our effort. We must just observe, knowing that observing has more influence than we could ever measure.

Observe all your forward movement, voluntary and involuntary. That is really the key. Otherwise, we are probably moving forward without trust or understanding. To observe is to grow in understanding (which is forward movement in itself), and in better harmony with those forces that make things happen.

Check out the disciplines of mindfulness or as Daniel Siegel calls it “mindsight.” It’s not that hard and the benefits are thrilling.

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