During this time of a drastically declining economy, more and more of us are experiencing a corresponding declining hope and sense of emotional well-being. We are strung out with a multitude of pressures to pay obligations, adapting to others’ stresses, taking on more obligations to maintain a sense of safety and normalcy, suffering from less sleep and more  relationship breakdowns. And worse, we have been watching our efforts to gain ground for the last full year fail month after month.

How can we even consider the possibility of living fully now?

Living fully isn’t just about having things, good times and ease. Living fully involves an understanding of our various states of mind and the way our (personal) mind works so we can leverage the most from every situation.

Usually, we think the way to attain this presence is through a long study of meditation. And although such a course of study will often produce that result, author and doctor Daniel Siegel has helped his patients achieve this mental awareness more simply and easily. His wonderful and well researched book Mindsight, The New Science of Personal Transformation, shares essential information about brain function and mental states so the readers can peer into their own mind and leverage it for good, especially in stressful times.

What I love about the difficulties we face these days is the way they can remind us of what really matters. They force us to commit to essentials like family, monetary responsibility and health. They can even remind us of all we have and allow us more states of gratitude.

But with our working harder and with juggling more at once, it is easy to skip a practice that is less urgent, such as mental health and insight. It is easy to make saving or making money a top priority. We find ourselves getting proud of our juggling skill.

So, here’s my plan to add a fun task (learning) and get the audio version of this book free. This way you can listen to it in your car or while waiting in line somewhere via your iPod, iPhone, Kindle, or Android device. By listening on the go, you can get the gist of the information and start tuning your mind. (Later, if you want a mark-able, text version, you can buy a copy and study it in more depth. I found several print copies at a deeply discounted price at Amazon.)

The plan for your mental health: Go to Amazon.com and look up Mindsight, the New Science of Personal Transformation by Daniel J Siegel.  There are several versions available (Kindle, hardcover, paperback and audio). Look for the “Audible Audio Version” that is free with a 30 day free trial (of Audible). Click that and follow the directions to claim and download your free, unabridged copy of Mindsight.

Listen as you drive to errands, wait in line, walk, exercise, or commute to work. You may well be amazed as Dr. Siegel discusses people (and himself) in pretty common (and some severe) mental traps, now released. And you will want to know that experience for yourself. You will discover that most of it can be done by mimicking the successes of his patients, using two simple exercises that take just ten to fifteen minutes. Practiced regularly, these practices will soon give you the rewards of insight.  The light at the end of the tunnel will get brighter, your thinking clearer, your troublesome emotions less insistent and your commitment to living fully now enhanced.

Now, smile and go get it! And, please share your thoughts with other blog readers below. They may need your encouragement and insight.

For more info on Dr. Daniel J. Siegel, visit his website.

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