Merry Creative Christmas

How was your Christmas? In spite of very limited funds, ours was awesome for many reasons. The limited gift-giving did not limit our joy.

My wife and I held to spending less than $10 on each other and were both very pleased. We spent our money on giving the grandchildren a good Christmas. We didn’t feel deprived and neither did they.

Discussing this with my friend Gina Marie, she told me about some of her favorite Christmases. These favorite versions were without the usual Christmas tree, stockings and piled gifts.

One year Gina and her mother Toni (now deceased) gathered a blanket on the floor and gave each other clipped photos from free flyers and magazines what they wished for each other. The money was spent on food. Their energy was on gratitude for being together in spite of the odds against them. They lit up their room with creative joy, thinking of the things that would bring a smile to their dearest. These memories still light up Gina’s heart twenty years later.

I bet many of us chose to be more creative this year. Of course, we reused decorations from previous years, but that is not much different. There was less money to spend. Gas prices may have been too expensive for unnecessary trips. We may have felt squeezed by changes in living arrangements, strained relationships or sickness. But we were creative because Christmas inspires us to be.

In the spirit of sharing, I am asking for your input to share with other readers. How did you make Christmas special this year? What simple things made amazing impressions? What surprised you and gave you the assurance that the spirit of Christmas lives on?

Our Christmas surprise was a sudden windfall of my son’s unspent timeshare points that he and his wife couldn’t use by the deadline. So my wife and I found a unit the weekend before Christmas in Solvang (the town where we first met); we shopped the second hand shops and shared a steak in our room, purchased from a local grocery. We watched “The Wizard of Oz” for the umpteenth time and waxed philosophical about the meaning of Dorothy’s affirmation, “There’s no place like home.”(Read the post.)

This was an amazing Christmas for us and we hope yours, too, was full of the magic that hung in the air. Care to share how creativity brought you closer to the spirit of Christmas?

(Thank you, Gina, for the inspiration.)

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