Mega Millions Missing

The buzz-buzz-buzz has been over the Mega Millions Jackpot.

Did you hear it went missing?

True. The juicy jackpot, the real riches, went missing. But, lucky that you found this post (or were sent this message) because I intend to explain where it went. Better yet, I’ll show you where it is. Now. (And there’s no tax on it.)

Perhaps first, I should show where it is not. It is not in Mega Millions. The real jackpot is in SLOTS.

No, not Vegas “SLOTS.” In the acronym “SLOTS.”

Most of us have been so looking for the magic bullet that will solve our problems. Our money problems. Job problems. Relationship problems. Religious problems. Political problems. Sex problems. Health problems. And it seems that winning a load of cash (or getting a ton of credit) will make the worst of it go away.

What? You’ve never heard of miserable millionaires? Miserable long-term marriages? Religious rancor on high? Petulant politicians? Sex slaves? Does money fix any of  that? No.

But SLOTS can.

SLOTS is the process (not the solution) that puts things right.

S. Slow down. We can never live fully while still in the fast lane.

L. Love. Care, concern and commitment make a world of difference.

O. Observe. Without judgment or attachment, curiously observe what is really happening, especially to your feelings.

T. Think. Think before you act or speak. Think about how your actions affect others.

S. Serve and Share. There is no surer ways to grow in gratitude and understanding than by reaching out and helping.

Mega Millions are a poor replacement for SLOTS. Don’t waste your time chasing money. Let it come if it will, but it will never buy you what hitting the SLOTS does.

Live fully now. Not after the ship comes in.

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