Medical Care System Is Broken

According to a study published by the American Journal of Medicine, the majority of US bankruptcies (62.1%) are not caused by credit card debt, but medical debt. These were not necessarily the uninsured or the poor. “Three quarters had health insurance. Most were well educated, owned homes and had middle class occupations.”

Is it okay with you that our medical and medical insurance system is broken? When you plan on spending your last days on earth, do you want to a system taking care of you that is itself incredibly ill, poorly diagnosed and leaving families bankrupt?

It doesn’t have to be this way. Medical impoverishment, according to the study, is virtually unheard of in wealthy countries other than the U.S. Sick systems can be diagnosed and treated, but probably not with the same thinking that got it sick.

Today in America, getting sick is also playing with your (and your family’s) financial future. We must stop accepting treatment from a sick system and focus one with a healthy future, a healthy self-concept and a healthy relationship with people.

I don’t have the big answer, but I do know that accepting death, financial ruin and dysfunction is not what a healthy person does.

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