Marketing, like life, is a funny thing

red targetI recently conferred with a marketing guru about readership of this blog. His advice: narrow down your focus.

I agree that the multiple foci of this blog, namely of “the meaning of life,” “commitment to the twelve essences of life,” and “Love, Understanding and Gratitude Energies,” is broad. Even love is too broad for some marketing professionals.

Is it love for animals? Love for IT? Because if it is, good marketing means narrowing it further to cats or cats of a particular breed. And instead of Microsoft or Linux, narrow it down to one program that runs on your favorite operating system. That’s the kind of narrow target that finds readers/ customers, they say.

This blog started as a focus on dealing with grief following the loss of my father. But the grief led me to insights about the meaning of life, how we are energies of Love, Understanding and Gratitude. I wrote a book on how commitment to life on its terms is the way to live fully. But I refuse to try to stick to one narrow topic, such as gratitude, even as powerful as gratitude is.

Have you ever noticed how closely Gratitude, Love and Understanding are connected? If we want to have full Gratitude, we need Love and Understanding for that object of our Gratitude. If we want to know Love, Gratitude and Understanding of the loved object are part of the whole picture. To follow Understanding, we must Love the thing we want to understand and have Gratitude for it.

So, no. Marketing principles notwithstanding, this blog will be about the whole enchilada, not just the sauce, cheese, meat, or tortilla.

Come to think of it, Life and its Meaning are funny things, too. We can’t lose sight of the big picture or our life will be lived with partial meaning, partial involvement and partial results. I want more. I want the whole picture. I want to know how Life fits together into a meaningful concept. I hope you readers do, too.
Target: all of life’s best.
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