Loving the Future

I have often wondered about the future and what separates it from the present. Why does it always feel a long way off when it is only the next second away? Surely the future is present now as we plant the seeds of the future in this moment. I believe that the future is here right now in an even more significant way.

The future is here now as we know love, joy, health or connection with others. These feelings tell us the truth: our future is not in doubt. Our future is love, joy, health and connection with others. It gives us clues of who we are by allowing us to feel so good when we love, experience joy, health or when we feel a strong connection with other people. That is our destiny.

By contrast, think of how awful it feels when we hate or have apathy. It feels like life has no purpose when there is no joy. When we are sick, we lie in pain, unable to go forward. When we do not belong, we wither and have no hope for a future. To me, these are sure signs that lack of love, joy, health and connection are not the design for the future.

Is the future calling you? To know, all you have to do is love.

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