I love my dog, but I had a problem

About six weeks ago, my wife brought home a rescue dog. Cute to the bone. I hadn’t planned on adding a dog to my life at this time, but… I was open to what lessons it might bring me that couldn’t come any other way. The poodle took to me immediately and we bonded. Besides the bond, I loved that her needs to walk enforced a walking program on me. 2014-05-19 11.10.25
The problem first raised its head when my cute, cute dog decided to be vicious to a passing neighborhood dog. Not wanting this to happen again, I made sure she was kept away from other dogs.
In the meantime, every walk we bonded more. But less than a week ago, she bit me when I tried to take her into the bathtub. I was dumbfounded, but was reminded that she was a rescue and had previously been abused. My bite wound had almost healed when I came home from work, tired and not fully attentive; she slipped out the door and spied another dog in the yard, doing some business.
I wasn’t fast enough. I blame myself, but soon resigned myself to the sad conclusion that the partnership was doomed. It hurt me tremendously, but I had a “biter.” Biters cannot be tolerated, I told myself, not under any conditions. As my wife and I discussed what we would do, I told her I would not send the dog to a new home, lest she bite again. Unless a miracle happened, we had to put her down.
My wife talked the problem over with her friends and the next morning we got a call about a “dog whisperer” that had recently landed in our circle. She started the miracle of healing the next day.
There are lots of techniques and teachings when it comes to dog training, and I already knew some techniques that were effective, but helpless in the face of a “biter.” My dog whisperer, and now friend, Ildi, would take no credit, but within 24 hours, we had a new dog.
What does this have to do with my theme, “Love, Understanding and Gratitude?” A lot. I went from angry at the dog and myself to a commitment to this dog because she is, like me, an expression of Life. I went from being scared of being sued if my dog bit someone, to being recommitted to Life. I went from sadness and regret to Gratitude that this dog came into my life and challenged my commitment to Life. I went from ignorance about biting dogs to knowing and Understanding what to do.
Ildi gives all the credit to Cesar Millan, a dog whisperer anyone can find on YouTube. My wife and I watched episodes where he took dog owners that had decided, short of a miracle, their dog would be put down, to an unbelievably loving reunion in the matter of a few lessons. These were people that loved their dog, but were at the end of their leash. I thank Ildi, Cesar, Life and Gloria (my wife) from the bottom of my dog-loving heart. Without them, I could have made a terrible, life-long, regretful decision.
I invite you to Cesar’s YouTube channel and Ildi’s House and Pet Sitting. Ildi can be reached at 760-574-6520 and I vouch for her 100%.
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