Living the Future in the Present

I have this strange belief about the future. I think some, probably a majority, of us, are here in the present, but from the future. We retain a memory of what the future is like. It is amazing, full of love, gratitude and understanding of all that is. In the future, we know that the love we share is more than in the present moment, it is throughout all time. But something in our spirits has compassion on those in the past that don’t have such an abundance of love, understanding and gratitude. So, we come to this century (and the last) to bring more of that love, joy and connection of the future that we know there. flocculent spiral NGC 2841

You don’t have to believe this odd concept to understand that when we love others in the present, particularly those that don’t know much of it, we are acting in the interests of a better future. When we appreciate something before it comes to pass, we are acknowledging a positive and beautiful future. When we listen to facts and feelings to understand, without rushing to judgment, we make more room for everybody’s future.

This we all know when we slow down and think about it. (Well, most of us.)

With this in mind, it’s simple to think of ourselves creating a beautiful future in the present moments. Living this way will assuredly move us toward the future we know we want: a future some of us have described as “heaven” or “utopia.” It’s heaven on earth when we have peace, loving service, trust and patience with the process of becoming better human beings.

The more we have gratitude for Life and life’s circumstances, the easier the tasks of life become, giving us more time to act in love and sharing.

The more we understand others, our environment and the wonderful balance in our own bodies, the healthier we feel and the better choices we make for the future.

The more we love others, ourselves and Life itself, the more like heaven it is.

Let’s promote living like heaven. Today’s present has a way of becoming the future.

Galaxy photo credit: Hubble

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