Living Ageless

Another word choice for “Life Forever Now” is “Living Ageless.” The word “Ageless” adds another dimension to “Now.” Living Ageless is more of a style or a mode of thinking that is both now and timeless.

To Live Ageless requires a mindset. This mindset makes different choices than someone that thinks “Live Now, Die Later.” Living Ageless has no death concept- except that death is a choice and one that I am not accepting … ever.

What is it like to live in a timeless mode? Is it lazy? Procrastinating? Careless? No.

Living Ageless is primarily Easy.

  • Easy does it.
  • There is plenty of time and I am fully engaged.
  • Time focus is a choice.
  • My choice is to balance time with delight.
  • Time flows through me, easily without stopping.
  • Schedules are not the only ways to get things done.
  • Nothing is ever really “done.” It changes form.
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