Life Forever Now Philosophy

We often receive life-affirming emails from friends on the Internet. They encourage us to love more, laugh frequently, succeed quickly, become aware of our subtler senses, etc. Most of these are well intentioned and nicely composed. But the failure they often make is to urge people to hurry up and love now, give now or make amends now BECAUSE it will all come to a screeching halt someday and we don’t know when.

In contrast, the “Life Forever Now” philosophy is about life-affirming activities and having more time for them, not less.

On this page, I hope to offer strategies for achieving this. I hope you will join in the discussion by posting your comments of life-affirming games, activities and attitudes.

Like other affirmative writers, I encourage everyone to focus on living, healing, maintaining balance, making acts of courage and joy, supporting art and expressing the arts, furthering science, fairness, love, sharing, simplicity, general evolution and individual development, sex and healthy bodies, the power of mind, our shared divine likeness, patience and tolerance.

To put that in practice may require us to reprogram our minds to choose life-affirming things.

Here are some specifics.

  • We should avoid death-dealing jobs, sports and entertainment.
  • We must choose health care that focuses on living, not disease or dying.
  • If we encounter death, we must look it square in the face and laugh.
  • We do not avoid death; we take action to defeat it.
  • We take steps to mentally and physically sharpen our experience.
  • We practice awareness of our bodily functions with gratitude and joy.
  • We watch and be with children to learn from their urge to become more alive and experienced.
  • We celebrate spring more than any other season.
  • We share flowers and creations of art.
  • We express gratitude, joy and love a hundred times a day.
  • We let go of complications, anger and helplessness.
  • We tell people they look great.
  • We make appointments to feast with others and keep those appointments.
  • We commit ourselves to life- for those we know and those we do not know.

This is only a partial list. It becomes complete only when we think of these and do them effortlessly. I suggest we take one a day and use a reminder card, calendar note or other reminder to take action. It won’t come all at once, but it will come with practice. It will ring true for you and your heart will lead you. You will notice that you consciously avoid negatives, fear and self-destructive patterns.

Please add your life-affirming ideas.

2 Responses to Life Forever Now Philosophy

  1. says:

    Hi Rich, thanks for the brilliant content. It’s positive thinking with direction, hope with a course. Much more powerful than good ol’ positive thinking! I love it. Casey

  2. Janet says:

    I wake up each morn and spontaneously experience joy on the magic of beingness, consciousness, living in unconditional Love.
    At night, I look up at the sky and expand my viewpoint, allowing myself to lift off in imagination and inspiration.
    These habits developed when I was young. No one taught them to me. So I would not suggest doing them because I suggested them; I would suggest trying them and letting the taste of your openness move you into your own natural connection.
    Peace, Love, laughter!

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