Live Forever Now Strategies

Let it be clear that this blog is about LIFE. Death is to be avoided, but not focused upon.

So, what can we do to live forever now?

Simply put, “life forever now” involves the will to grow, plant, love, be present, heal, bless, and focus on all things that help life.

I don’t mean that we should tell lies to make people feel better. Silence is a much better choice.

“Life forever now” does not mean building or consuming with no thought for the effects on others, as pleasant as that may be. It does mean to live simply and to let others do the same.

When you focus on joy, love, pleasure, accomplishment and health (all good things), focus on allowing these for others as well. Drop all emotional barriers to life’s best offerings, such as feeling you are not worthy or that someone else is more worthy. And do this for LIFE, not for personal attention or for the pleasure itself.

LIFE gives life. It doesn’t hoard it or take it away from others. LIFE gives joy to all. LIFE is connecting in a positive way for the most benevolent outcome. LIFE heals and never thinks of itself as most important. LIFE honors all lifeforms and if they should die, for whatever reason, LIFE remembers. LIFE never fails.

For additional thoughts and life strategies, check the category “Living Fully” and the subpage to this one, “Life Forever Now Philosophy.”

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