The Limits of Life

“It is our duty as human beings to proceed as if the limits or our capabilities do not exist.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, visionary French Jesuit, philosopher and scientist.

For many years this quote has inspired me to think larger, live larger and connect with fewer barriers. It turns out that when we test our limits, we discover that they are mostly in our minds. Certainly our limit to a larger life is mostly mental. Look at the lives of great leaders, athletes and explorers, all of whom conquered what seemed to be insurmountable barriers.

In our present age, humans are testing limits even further, including living in completely hostile environments such as under the sea and outer space. And while most of us cannot venture so far from our daily routine, certainly we can proceed in other ways “as if the limits of our capabilities do not exist.”

When we live fully each moment, we push our capabilities. When we live as though becoming decrepit in old age is an option, we push the limits of our capabilities. When we push even further, we test whether the ideas about the limits of our years aren’t pure self-fulfilling prophesy.

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