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Besides posting on living fully, life-extension, anti-aging and thoughts about defeating the ultimate enemy, you may want to do some investigation on your own. I recommend the following websites:

Life Forever Now Net, the experts weigh in

Brain Fitness Blogs and Products (see them at page bottom)

Dynamic Brain, Brain Fitness programs

Aging in Action online newsletter

The World Future Society on Facebook, WFS website

The Centenarian, An Extensive Guide to Living to 100

Blog on life extension, technology and longevity

Blog of futurism, trans-humanism and singularity

News of discovery on the futures horizon

Blog of John Renesch, author, futurist at the Global Dialogue Center

Fight Aging! newsletter

50 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

Life Extension Foundation, global authority on nutrition, health and wellness.

Life Extension Magazine, a monthly report of the latest advances in nutrition and wellness.

SENS Founder Aubrey de Grey talks at TED “We can avoid aging.”

The Methuselah Foundation, Extending Healthy Human Life

The SENS Foundation, Advancing Rejuvenation Biotechnology

American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine/ World Health Net (Sign up for Longevity Magazine e-journal)

The Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine

The World Anti-Aging Academy of Medicine

The Stem Cell Fellowship

The Fellowship of Integrative Cancer Therapy

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