Life is Certain. Death is Not.

Certainty is one of those things that we often relate to death. Also taxes. My father died on April 16th, 2011, literally a few hours after the traditional tax deadline. Even if taxes are certain (which they ought not to be), death is not so. At least in my eyes.

Do we or do we not have the technology to stop death? I believe we do. We have the ability to transplant and grow organs. We can clean blood outside the body and exchange good for bad. We can grow skin and reverse hair loss. We have health supplements that improve longevity as well as experts in health and fitness. We have ways to eliminate fears and stresses that quash the will to live. We have the internet where we can gather the best minds and creatives to share the most complex problems of humankind. We have dispelled a multitude of cultural myths that have kept us in the dark ages.

Now it is time to dispel the myth of the necessity of death.

If you have had to give up a parent, spouse or child to death, you know how hard that is. Perhaps as in my case, your loved one was previously in good health, but took a sudden turn and the “clock ran out.” My father was a brilliant writer and editor.  He had at least three good books left in him and now they are gone. His death, in my opinion was unnecessary. But he was old school. He believed that death is certain.

Join me on this site (feel free to comment below) and in our coming live events as we dialogue and begin to change the consciousness of the world. Death is not certain. Life is certain.

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