Life Is an (Inspired) Argument

Inspired by How to Argue and Win Every Time, by Gerry Spence

Inspiration is a beautiful thing. It helps us soar over the trifles that often get us down. Sometimes it comes in the form of a pithy quote, a stranger’s smile, a strain of music, a memory, a great idea unearthed, a story of someone who struggled and overcame the odds, etc. Most recently, I was inspired by an idea, in a book by a man that I look up to.

I wouldn’t have thought that the idea that “life is an argument” would have any inspiring qualities. “Life is an argument” sounds too difficult. But, admittedly, Gerry Spence is as convincing a writer as he was a convincing lawyer, specializing in defending the underdog and not losing a civil case since 1969.

You would expect a lawyer to have the perspective that “life is an argument” as much as a salesman to say that “life is a sales pitch” or an artist to say that “life is beautiful.” And, each of those viewpoints is an argument, an argument looking to prove its point.

Spence explains that arguing is simply getting what we want from others. It may be for others to accept us, listen to us or give us respect. But arguing for anything does not mean that it needs to be aggressive or a disagreement. An argument is simply using our best abilities to convince and persuade others to help us get the things we want.

So what do you want and what are you willing to argue for? If you are like me, you want a lot, but what you are willing to argue for is a far shorter list.

So where is the inspiration I was talking about? It’s in looking at my list of what I am willing to argue for. Those are important to me and it inspires me that I can argue for them. I would recommend a quick personal survey for all my readers as the New Year begins. What are you willing to argue for?

I am continuing to read How to Argue and Win Every Time for more inspiration as I argue on the Life Forever Now blog. I will continue arguing for health, love, understanding, gratitude, and living fully now into a future that is ours. Feel free to reply below what you are willing to argue for.

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  1. Rene Bernales says:

    Argument can sometimes be nasty- for people who are lost for words on how to express things as ought to be as they perceived and understood it should.

    Persuassive argument on the other hand is an argument based on truth.

    This is the reason why Gerry Spence had not lost a case since 1969. Nobody can argue with the truth. Nobody can win an argument with someone who wields the ultimate weapon on argumentation.

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