Life Forever Now Bodies

Last night’s dream involved my attempts to fit a replacement product into a container for the old product. It didn’t fit.

This is an interesting metaphor for trying to fit the ideas of “Life Forever Now” into a society that was made for “Live Now Die Later.” Or trying to fit these ideas of “Life Forever Now” into a body that was made for “Live Now Die Later.” Clearly, the society must change. And our individual bodies must change to accommodate the new beliefs.

It will be interesting to watch our bodies  adapt once we have reprogrammed them.  We will treat them with more respect and have an eye for longevity. We won’t understand them as vessels of a lower nature but of an eternal kind. We won’t shun pleasure, or work our bodies to prove themselves. We won’t give our bodily power over to physicians, but work with them to understand our bodies. We will take time to savor simple pleasures, to feel the stroke of a lover, to see beauty and hear the laughter of children.

Yes, Life Forever Now bodies are better bodies.

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