Life Beyond Limits

“We are limited, not by our abilities, but by our vision.”

Humanity is unique among species. It doesn’t just evolve, it seeks to explore its limits and eliminate its boundaries.

We are innocent in this regard; we seem to come this way. As babies, we do not just let others take care of us as pleasant as that is. We are not content with crawling, being misunderstood with our baby talk or being dressed by mommy.

As adults, we get bored with doing the same limiting things over and over. So we search for excitements, temptations and competitions.

As a society, we are not content with fearsome boundaries erected by some leaders. Instead, we respond to and choose leaders that inspire us to be more than we have been before.

All these are indicators that we are looking to live more fully into what we are. The future is calling us and we cannot ignore it.

Specifically for this blog, we do not like the limit called death. Not just because it ends our string of challenges and delights. We do not like death because during it we lose who we are. Will you join the vision of our limitless lives?

“Know your limits, but never accept them.”- anonymous

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