Life and Passion

So, what is your passion? What is it that makes you feel fully alive, in love or connected with your ultimate purpose for being here on this earth?

Living fully is often equated with being passionate about doing what you love to do. And, being fully alive is often motivated by a strong desire to connect with one’s passion.

My passion is for life itself. Contrary to what initial impressions might be about my campaign against the ultimate enemy, my passion is not about stopping death; it’s just that seeing death makes my passion for life burn with greater intensity.

I have other interests that border on passion. Mostly, I love my wife and being with her. And I love writing. I also love making love to my wife. These things make me intensely happy and make me feel connected with life in the most positive ways.

But I could not write, love or make love if I did not have life. I also noticed that I write, love and make love better when the ultimate enemy is not stalking me. Life is my passion… and I would love to convince you to make it yours.

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