Keeping Life Together

A recent acquaintance was talking to me about his work last week. He is a psychologist of thirty years working with the armed forces. Of one of these branches he quipped, “They are very good at taking things apart, but not very good at putting them back together.” I laughed as I thought of a line from the movie G I Jane, “I just want to blow %#&* up.”

Taking things apart is a fascination for many of us, including scientists, philosophers and other specialists. Look around the business world. Aren’t those who take things apart some of the most highly paid and honored? But is this fascination to take things apart really helping us keep things together? Is it helping us live fully now? And shouldn’t we have at least an equal fascination with keeping things together and whole?

When we live forever now, we see things as whole, not separate. We hold the holistic focus that others may have forgotten. We don’t do this for praise, money or self-satisfaction of a job well done. We do this for the health of the whole.

Life forever now stands for the idea that body and soul work best together and that there is no positive rationale to separate them. Likewise, the family functions best whole and the local community, as well. Our goal is to be better at keeping or putting things back together than we ever were at taking them apart.

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